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Incomming - Cultural Exchange

Incoming - Pier Turismo e Intercâmbios

Incomming - Cultural Exchange

Incomming - Cultural Exchange


PIER is made up of a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people, all sharing a deep passion for tourism. Whatever your interest, we will help you to understand the rich variety of the Brazilian culture, providing authentic and cultural rich encounter, with one of the world’s most exotic, intriguing and beautiful countries – Brasil!

PIER offers passionate travelers an opportunity to experience the cultural and natural wonders of Brasil. We take pride in providing personalized customer care, and professional guides for our guests.

Some extracurricular activities such as Brazilian cuisine, capoeira classes, voluntary work, diving, surfing, and tours can also be arranged to the main destinations within Brasil.

Our friendly and experienced staff and guides will make you feel at home throughout your stay, and are always on call to assist you, with any support that you may have. With our innovative system we distribute a wider range of information to our clients with greater speed. Access our website and start your trip.

Our expertise and years of experience mean we can make specific recommendations along the way, and help you to have an extraordinary time, in this truly unique and unforgettable country.

We offer a comprehensive range of global travel services, developed by our highly experienced service development team, with support and assistance throughout the globe.

We work everyday with our partners around the globe to get you the top-rated, cheapest, and most flexible tours, packages, accommodations and flights, sending satisfied passengers away each year.

At PIER TRAVEL AGENCY, we’ve been providing top quality touring for many years so we know what makes a holiday extraordinary. We pride ourselves in offering a professional and personal service:

  • Competitive accommodation and airfare pricing
  • Bilingual drivers/guides
  • Car rental – all kinds of vehicles.
  • Transfers
  • Escorted coach tours
  • City tour packages
  • Travel and health insurance

Unmatched flexibility and ease when making your travel arrangements, and all of that at fantastic prices!

Our well-planned and carefully designed tours will give you plenty to see. Choose your favorite destination and let us organize your tip!

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Pier Turismo e Intercâmbios

Rua Albita, 131 - Sala 322
Bairro: Cruzeiro
Belo Horizonte - MG

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Pier Turismo e Intercâmbios
CNPJ: 02.277.930/0001-12


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Rua Albita, 131   - Sala 322
Cruzeiro - Belo Horizonte / MG
CEP: 30310-160

(31) 3284.2080
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